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My father like most fathers was - FIRST & BEST CAREER COUNCILLOR!

He like all fathers was neither to hold me back nor a sail to take me to my goal. He was a guiding light who showed me the path with his life long lessons. 





My father was a master negotiator when it came to increasing my pocket money. Even when I used to justify the reason for increasing my pocket money, he would make me do extra chores.

By making me haggle for my pocket money, my father was teaching me the value of money. He was showing me that money doesn't grow on trees and that I must work for it. The deliberate delay in enhancing the pocket money was only to make me learn not only how to budget and plan the expense for the entire month but also the art of Negotiation!

Haggling over pocket money meant I learned to MANAGE the small money I was given throughout the month. This made me PLAN for my entire month's expenses with that so-called tiny amount.

This art of Negotiating helped me when I had to buy my car and a whole lot of deals! It has also helped me make informed decisions, avoid impulsive spending, and cultivate a healthy relationship with money.




I remember how through playing the Snakes and Ladder games, he made me understand to take disappointments and hurdles in stride and continue to focus on the goal. Especially when I used to land on Snake and slide really down to the bottom, he reminded me that sometimes you do land on a ladder and climb up very fast!  He said when the market crashes, just stick to your monthly sips and hold on to your investments, and when the tide turns, markets do go up and so do your investments!

 His mantra is “Keep playing, you can eventually make it to the finish line”.

By investing for the long term, not panicking when the market takes a dip, diversifying your investments, and rebalancing your portfolio regularly, you can build a strong financial future for yourself and your family. Stock markets will have their ups and downs but by not getting distracted and continuing to keep investing regularly and staying invested during market falls, the GAINS will be huge, and YOU WILL REACH YOUR INTENDED GOAL.


My father’s guidance has helped me develop a calm and rational mindset toward investments, knowing that the journey to wealth creation may have bumps and detours. By coping with challenges and keeping my eye on the destination, I have built the strength and endurance necessary to traverse the investment terrain and achieve long-term financial prosperity.

There were instances when the market experienced downturns, causing my investments to diminish in value. However, I held steadfast to the teachings of my father, keeping my focus on my long-term objectives. Ultimately the markets do recover and so did my investments helping me to accomplish my financial goals and create a stable financial future for myself and my family.





Once when I insisted that my father get me a bicycle. He said, “Okay… you start putting Rs.5 in pygmy every month and I will put Rs.50 in the same pygmy only if YOU save”.

I took up the challenge excitedly! It wasn’t easy but the excitement of a bicycle was too tempting, and I continued with dogged determination. And yes, after 12 months, I finally got my dream bicycle with 10 times matching contribution from my father.  Little did I know at the time, this experience would be my gateway to comprehending the tremendous power of monthly systematic investment plans (SIPs) and compounding.

This bicycle purchase gave 2 invaluable lessons.
One of the DISCIPLINE of investing saving and investing regularly.

Two, the Power of Compounding!

It became a fundamental pillar of my financial literacy, enabling me to embrace the habit of disciplined saving and wise investing. Recognizing the potential of monthly SIPs and compounding, I embarked on a journey of wealth creation, realizing the importance of staying committed to regular contributions and allowing time to work its magic.

Through this transformative experience, I grasped the essence of building wealth steadily and methodically. It taught me that even small, consistent contributions can pave the way for significant financial growth over time.




I have seen how hardworking my father was in his office. At his workplace, my father exemplified diligence and a strong work ethic.
What truly set my father apart was his ability to switch gears once he stepped inside our home. he would spend time with everyone and enjoy his favorite cricket match highlights.

He always made time for his family and friends and enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. He would come home from work and spend quality time with everyone, listening to their stories, sharing his advice, and making them laugh. He would also relax by watching his favorite cricket match highlights, cheering for his team, and commenting on the players’ performance.

He taught me that work is important, but so is life. He taught me that you can be successful in your career without sacrificing your happiness or your relationships. He taught me that you can have both work and life balance if you manage your time well, set your priorities right, and appreciate what you have. 


The work-life balance he maintained encouraged me to adapt the same and this is what has helped me have a life truly enjoyable.



Even though my father was excellent in tax matters, I have seen how many of our relatives and friends used to take his advice in tax matters even though he was not a Chartered accountant.
But when it came to his own tax filing and other tax-related matters, he would invariably reach out to our Chartered Accountant uncle.
He used to say EXPERTS ARE THERE FOR A REASON.  He used to say “They have the knowledge and experience to help you make better decisions. Don’t do everything yourself and end up messing”.

 It is difficult for even the most knowledgeable person to keep up with all the latest changes in tax laws. A CA has access to up-to-date information and resources, and they can help you to ensure that you are compliant with the latest tax laws.

My father's reliance on a CA exemplifies the significance of seeking specialized knowledge. It is wise to consult professionals who possess expertise in specific areas.

Collaborating with experts can help us make informed decisions, avoid potential pitfalls, and maximize our financial outcomes.


My father never let me win my favorite carrom games.

He beat time and time again showing no mercy.

When I was finally able to beat him when I was about 8 years, it was the most relishing moment in my life and the sweetest ever.

It was that hard-earned


Yes. father made sure I learn that it’s not easy in life to win and if you keep persisting and keep doing your hard work, you will get rewarded on day. By consistently challenging me and not letting me win easily, he taught me to embrace setbacks and keep striving for success. My father always adapted his game according to the situation. He changed his tactics according to the position of the carrom men, the score, and the opponent. He also adjusted his game according to the condition of the board, the powder, and the striker. He taught me the importance of being flexible and adaptable in wealth creation. 





it was my father who made me start loving numbers in spite of my fear of Maths.

He showed me the power of compounding by showing the investments he had made in mutual funds and companies in the stock markets

The small, tiny investments had ballooned and the dividends received annual was more than the investments made. It made me realise the POWER OF LONG-TERM INVESTING & WHY COMPOUNDING IS CALLED THE 8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD


While my father did appear to be focused on practical matters, his underlying motive was to provide me with a stable and secure financial future.

My father was a harmonious blend of imparting practical financial knowledge and nurturing emotional intelligence guiding me towards a prosperous financial journey.


So, on this Father's Day, I want to thank my father Matrubai M.N.SHANKAR  for everything he did for me. I love you, Dad. And to all the fathers out there, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being there for us, for teaching us, and for loving us. We appreciate everything you do.

Happy Father's Day!

Love you very much!!


Srikanth Matrubai

Author – Don’t Retire Rich

& Wealth Of Wisdom


All the best,
Srikanth Matrubai
Srikanth Matrubai, Author of the Amazon Best Seller DON'T RETIRE RICH

You are strongly encouraged to consult your financial planner before making any decision regarding this investment. The views expressed here are the author's personal views and should not be interpreted as a recommendation to invest/avoid.

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